Friday, October 26, 2012

October 25 Phase II Day 31 Ventura CA to Malibu CA (48.8 miles)

Best of Day:  Instructions from our new SAG driver (Jeff Fouse) as we start the first of our extended five days to the border  (See Picture taken by Sheila in front of hotel in Ventura),

 Pacific coastal highway beauty continues with added bonus of kite surfing (See Picture).

Worst of Day:  Not just one flat, but two flats just 15 miles out of Ventura!   (See Picture)

Quote of Day:  Jeff needed find a bike shop to replenish tubes and obtain floor pump AND drive to where we were changing the tires.  He has surpassed the demands of any "first day SAG driver day"  and obtained the title of "Senior SAG Manager, First Class!"

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