Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10 Day 16 Eureka, CA (Rest day)

The Best of the first two weeks:  the ocean, cliffs, clouds,  sea lions, crashing waves, dinner, breakfast, snacks, rocks, polite construction workers, friendly people in restaurants, coffee houses, camaraderie among cyclists and SAG drivers!
The Worst of the first two weeks:  the traffic, gravel, road construction, short steep hills, fog, long pulls,  long long long days…….
Memorable pictures of the first two weeks:  Coming  into Bandon OR with Lin Bruce; Redwoods;  Sweeps self portrait;  Dinner in white plastic chairs;  Staff and mobile kitchen;  Patty (Chef extraordinaire) with casserole;  Michelle (Guide extraordinaire) at  map meeting;  SAG stop;  Ride in morning light of redwoods  and Day of Rest at Starbucks!
Vital Statistics:  Total of 31 women on this ride, two did not disclose age, two in their 40’s, few in 50’s, most in 60’s (one had 60th birthday on trip!), four in 70’s (average age = 62!!!!)

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