Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16 Day 22 Recovery Day on Fisherman's Wharf (Zero miles!!!!)

Posted early in morning from Starbucks before the day of laundry and bike cleaning begins!! 

Best of Week:  Arriving in San Francisco!  Who would have thought!  On September 25th that bridge just didn’t seem like a possibility!  We continue to watch the ocean (ever present) in all its magnificence.  The weather has been incredible.  We are so grateful!

Worst of Week:  Those daily elevations just don’t go away….and then we tackled some of the San Francisco hills yesterday (at the end of the day) as we navigated our way to the bridge.

People along the way:  The people we’ve encountered are incredible.  I often wonder how they see us (Oh my gosh, that looks like my Mom!!) and think about us ("There are so many of them") as we keep pedaling away!
Favorite pictures of the week:   
Ready to leave in a.m.
Loading van in a.m.
Map on van door
Preparing for dinner
Famous casserole "parking lot" technique
Misty morning ride
Winding roads
Sun setting on Pacific at Golden Gate
Cy, our new (very upbeat and enthusiastic) Guide working on a bike – we love her!   


1 comment:

  1. Katie, your bright smile says much. You are REALLY riding the dream.
    All photos have been stunning. The daily best, worst,and quote are insightful for us on the "vicarious" team.
    Lisa, Kim, and I raised a toast to well-being yesterday. A photo capture was taken (yeah..on the couch... ; )
    I found a special bottle of "Pacific Redwoods" for the occasion. Let's plan a wintry celebration and try it again!