Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 23 Day 29 Lompoc CA to Ventura CA (86 miles)

Best of day:  Sunshine and tail winds!  Last day of organized tour!  Riding through UCSB campus on bike trail!  Celebration Banquet!  Some of us rode to Santa Barbara (55 miles) (see picture) then took Amtrak train (30 miles) to Ventura!!!

Worst of day:  When we got to coffee shop (in Santa Barbara) their espresso machine was down!

Quote of day:  We asked direction while in Santa Barbara.  The woman we asked wanted to know where we were from.  When we said we had come from Bellingham WA, she said "On those?!" (pointing to our bikes).

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  1. Looking at your Post Time, it doesn't appear that this is a day of rest...
    With the Canadian border far behind, and Southern California maps in hand, it's got to be hard to sit still.
    You're looking fit Katie. Ride safely, the Baja is close.