Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15 Day 21 Bodega Bay, CA to San Francisco (73.8 miles)

Best of Day:  Riding our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge! 


Worst of Day:  As we got closer to S.F., busy towns with many different streets and turns to follow on cue sheet!

Quote of Day:  While in one town, a gentleman with children in a playground, asked if we needed directions.  He was most helpful then asked "Is this ride some kind of bucket list or what??"

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  1. Biked out in search of an 18% grade road with tight curves yesterday, only to decide that I'd have to climb it a couple of times to even come close to what you did two days ago. Then recalled that you've already done 50,000 + feet of climbing on this ride. So I stopped for coffee. The image of you and your beloved Salsa bike at the Golden Gate is a keeper!