Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13 Day 19 Fort Bragg, CA to Gualala, CA (60 miles)

Best of Day:  Easier riding than yesterday!  Coffee shop/bakery in Mendocino.  Lunch in Point Arena!!  

Rode by an Organic Valley Farm!! 

Worst of Day:  18% grade hill with hairpin turns (five of the group rode, while the remainder walked!)


Quote of Day:  Map meeting tonight, when discussing the 5 cattle crossings tomorrow, it was suggested we could always "jump them if they look too slippery!"


  1. OK, I'd like to comment that in spite of the craziness...(biking 80 miles in a day!...biking up 4000+ feet!...biking in the rain...biking for more than 2 hours at a time....) you are all still smiling! Keep up the good work! I'm living vicariously through you.

    You can read my blog...Day 10 on of day - Vicodan-induced nap on the couch...worst of day...the guy who logged my land showed up just as I was getting incredibly comfortable in the easy feat on crutches! thoat is sore from yelling at him to not come in and no I don't need help getting out of the tub and we'll have to discuss the state of my forest another day! Some guys just can't take a hint!

    Like I said I'm living vicariously thorugh all of you! Keep going and keep the pictures coming!


  2. Kim probably couldn't publish her quote of the day.......