Friday, October 19, 2012

October 18 Day 24 Santa Cruz, CA to Monterey, CA (45.8 miles)

Best of Day:  Shorter and fewer hills than yesterday!  Incredibly warm weather, beautiful ocean beaches,massive farm fields filled with vegetables, barking sea lions, pelicans, and a fabulous lunch at Schooners in Monterey. 

Worst of Day:  Worried about conditions for the farm workers, wondering if the water in the sprinklers is from the Colorado River, and what exactly is being sprayed on all those fields?

Quote of the Day:  "Who has ever heard of deep fried artichoke hearts?" 


  1. Noted is the change from long tights to capris, to shorts...The opposite has happened here. Your new quote of the day might be: "Never pass a Starbucks with iced coffee".
    Getting much needed drought-easing rain here in SW Wisconsin over the past few days. Like the sunshine there, it's good for our spirits.
    Continue to ride strong and safely.

  2. I want to know what the "Choke Coach" recommended? Does a artichoke need a coach??? Katie, we toasted you on Monday with a bottle of Pacific Redwood. Yes it was tough, the 19%grade, 12" climb from the table to our mouths, but we did it! And cheered you on to boot! You all look so good at the cafe. I will try to get the picture posted later today.

    Have you biked through the garlic capital yet? Carry on!k.