Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First four days in Bellingham, WA (9/21 – 9/24)

In the spirit of the cross country ride in 2010, I will share the best of the day, worst of the day, the quote of the day, and of course a picture. Day 1 of the ride will begin when we officially meet with the WomanTours staff on Tuesday September 25, 2012. Meantime we will start with our first four days -Bellingham.

Hugs to all who are following our journey……and a special thank you to all who made this journey possible!!

First four days in Bellingham, WA (9/21 – 9/24)

Friday:  Arrived in Bellingham after 16 hours of car, plane and bus travel.  Kirby and Patti had arrived earlier.  Sharing our hotel were the Ladies of Harley (LOH) who had their convention here.  Lots of bikes in the parking lot!  This picture was taken at one of our favorite displays!

Saturday:  Picked up our bikes at the Bellingham Fanatik Bike Shop where they had been shipped (mine from Bluedog Cycles) and reassembled.  We rode our bikes back to the hotel but it wasn’t the last time we were seen at their shop!  Picture taken with some of the bike tech staff.

Sunday:  Rode to the Canadian/U.S. border in Blaine, WA and back to Bellingham.   Our odometers registered the first 59.8 miles of our journey.  Picture taken at Peace Arch Park.

Monday:  Packed, repacked and packed again.  We are calculating every, every ounce so we pass the “weight” test for the tour.  Met up with more tour participants, most have been on past WomanTours rides as we have.  So many stories to share!   

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